Vacation observations

1. Door County is a beautiful place
2. We get strange looks no matter where we go
3. People who live here year round must drive a ways to go grocery shopping. Been all over the peninsula and haven’t seen a grocery store.
4. Fast food doesn’t exist here. Neither does Walmart. Not on the main roads anyway.
5. If I had to pay $6 for a 12pk of Mt Dew all the time I’d have given it up some time ago.



Doggone allergies.  I never had to deal with them until I became a mother.  Aside from the normal changes in life that new mothers(parents) deal with, I suddenly had to deal with the sneezing, wheezing and nose blowing that I had watched my dad and sister deal with during my childhood. 

Being somewhat needle-phobic, I’ve never gone to find out exactly what I’m allergic too.  I always figured due to my penicillin allergy, that mold was a strong suspect.  When the talk on tv is about the high mold spore count, I’m usually congested and sneezing.  Good clue, huh?  However, in the last few years, there hasn’t been much rhyme or reason to when they strike.  Well, they’ve chosen to strike this week.  I’ve been consuming more than usual amounts of water trying to stay ahead of the chest congestion, and that has cause more than the usual trips to the bathroom today.  Lucky me.

If there’s an allergy-gremlin out there,  choosing when to inflict these on me, he sure is getting his jollies this week! 

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Thought for the day….

   “He, who every morning plans the transactions of the day, and follows that plan carries a thread that will guide him through a labyrinth of the most busy life.

Victor Hugo

I got this in my email today, and thought it made a lot of sense.  It also fits me and the fact that I learned a couple weeks ago that I am a ‘gold’ personality.  One of the classes I had while gone for a week of continuing ed for work was all about personality colors.  A Gold person is someone who is detail oriented, likes to-do lists, is somewhat compulsive and loves family.  There’s a longer description, but that’s the gist of it. 

Sound like me??  Has anyone else taken a color test??

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Learning to love – MYSELF!!

7 years ago, I moved into my own apartment.  My very own apartment.  Well, I shared it with my two kids every other week, but it was the first apartment I’d ever rented all by myself.  Something most people accomplish at 18 or 19.  I however, lived with my parents until I got married the first time, then moved into the house I shared with my first husband. 

I can remember feeling very excited, and somewhat nervous.  What if I hadn’t made the right decision?  What if I couldn’t make it on my own?  I spent the next 6-7 months enjoying the quiet and getting to know myself.  There was lots of quiet time during those off weeks when the kids weren’t home.  I missed them during the off weeks, but with modern technology, I could call them on their cell phones at any time.  As much as I was a mother first, keeping an eye on the kids and being there for them, I also learned I was a person all of my own. 

I spent time doing my homework, and learning what had gotten me to where I was.  Yes, I had a role in the whole mess.  Could I accept that role?  Yes, I discovered, I could.  Did I learn from it?  You betcha.  Will I repeat it?  Lord, I hope not.  I was even strong enough to finally accept the apology from one of the key players and thank them for helping me face what was going on.  This all sounds a bit cryptic I know, but why rehash all the details?  It made me who I am today, a stronger person because of all of it. 

I’m glad I took some healing time for myself.  It made looking in the mirror easier because I could honestly say I loved the person looking back at me.  This picture was kind of my inspiration for today’s blog.  A lesson well learned.  I’m happy to say, I never feel alone anymore, even if I am. 


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The hamster wheel

After reading a friend’s blog, I decided to learn how to start one myself.  Perhaps this will stop the hamster wheel at bedtime??

Time will tell.  Stay tuned for more, as I learn how this works

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