What I wouldn’t give….

on April 3, 2014

For a good night’s sleep! 

Another step down the road called Menopause.  Too hot with a blanket, too cold without.  I tried a fan last night, and it seemed to be better.   Guess I will know more after another night.  I wish there was a way to fast forward through this crap, cuz I’ve been dealing with some of the symptoms for 15 yrs already. 

I do take Valerian Root for other sleep issues, but the too hot/cold thing was too much for it.  Keep you fingers crossed that I get some sleep tonight.  Too many nights of no sleep, and someone is gonna get their head taken off for something stupid.  I’d feel really bad if that happened, but those pesky hormones take over sometimes.   I’d never get lucky enough for it to be someone who deserved it, that’s for sure.


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