A different view on life

on September 12, 2013

As the motorcycle season is winding to a close, I’m reflecting on how life feels so different on the back of the bike.  I’ve learned I never want to drive my own bike, that I’m so very content riding behind Steve.  Conversation with him is limited, obviously.  I find myself viewing the scenery as we ride by in a different light.  It seems more vivid, and smells more real.    Seeing the trees change color in the fall is an amazing site. 

This weekend is my 3rd trip to Tomahawk for the fall ride.   I admit, I’m still a ‘newbie’ at the whole biker thing, but I think I’ve gotten past the mouth-open shock of the sites during this weekend.  We don’t camp the same way as others do.  My version of camping is a motel with a soft bed and hot running water.  My body just doesn’t take the dampness very well anymore, and sleeping on the ground just isn’t an option.  I’m thankful Steve agrees. 

I still remember how surprised I was to see a bunch of lawyers dressed in leather in a booth advertising their services.  I found myself looking around wondering what the rest of the leather-clad people did 40hrs a week.  It was a reminder to myself to not profile or judge people based on their outside appearance.

I’ve gotten past being upset when people go out of their way to avoid me when I walk through a store or restaurant when I have my biker leathers on.  It still bothers me when parents grab their child’s hand and pull them away.  Do they think I’m going to abduct them or something?  Steve has been judged based on his long hair and tattoos too.  Too bad the people judging him don’t take the time to realize just what an amazing man he really is.  He’d give the shirt off his back to someone in need. 

Wouldn’t it be nice if this country could all just get along?  And, not be worried about the color of someone’s skin or the clothes they wear.  Maybe someday….


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