Good bye Summer!

on September 10, 2013

After checking the forecast on my phone, I see that today is likely the last real summer day til next year. I don’t mind the change of seasons, and love watching it snow, once. Then it could just warm up again and we could move into spring!

Here’s my 5 favorite things about summer!
1. Lots and lots of sunshine
2. Arthritis aches and pains at a minimum
3. No snow to shovel
4. Escaping for an afternoon ride on the Harley
5. lots and lots of sunshine!!

I know, I repeated the sunshine one, but I am such a warm weather woman! I just may be a southern woman at heart, but I was planted in Wisco and will likely stay here. Being around my family, especially my kids, trumps dealing with some of that white stuff.

What are your favorite summer things??


2 responses to “Good bye Summer!

  1. mdog32 says:

    Kayaking, sunshine, the lake, long days and naps in the sun

  2. busyb64 says:

    Never tried the kayaking, but the rest sound great!!

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