on August 28, 2013

Thought I had a whole story about online dating saved, but all I found upon logging in was the title. Not the first time technology and I have had a difference of opinion.

Today’s smartphones are still something of a mystery to me too. I’m sure I only use a fraction of what my phone is capable of doing. My kids laugh at me when I suggested that I should upgrade to something like a smartphone…hahaha. ‘Don’t call me, Mom!’ That saying what goes around, comes around? Yeah, well it applies here, as I still get phone calls for help on computer issues from my parents. Have to remember next time when I grumble, just what if feels like to feel helpless with new technology.

If the computer and I hit it off, I will attempt to re-type my planned Adventures in Online Dating blog tomorrow!!


One response to “Shoot…..

  1. mdog32 says:

    Oh boy, online dating…I can’t wait to read this! ~Gina

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