Vacation Observations – Day Two

on August 25, 2013

Today was the last day of a weekend vacation.  On our return trip, I discovered –

1.  Fast food restaurants exist, but not north of Sturgeon Bay.

2.  We saw lots of once-active farms, acres of crops, a few horses, and strangely only a handful of cows.  Very different from the mega-farms in our area.

3.  Cherry salsa seems all the rage in Door County, but upon sampling?  Pass.  Maybe if it had been an all fruit salsa, but cherries and tomatoes just didn’t work for us.

4.  All vacations should be taken on a motorcycle.  Limited space = limited desire to shop.  My checkbook was appreciative. 

5.  I still don’t like bridges.  Riding over them on a motorcycle in the wind didn’t change that.

6.  Gas seemed to be the only thing not costing more in a tourist town.  $1.75 for a can of soda?  Making hay while the sun shines, I suppose.  Winter must be kind of bleak in Door County.

When you travel to another area, what are some things you notice, that are different from home?


One response to “Vacation Observations – Day Two

  1. mdog32 says:

    I always check out the gas prices and what groceries cost. I too don’t like bridges and I’ve never been on a motorcycle. I never will get on one either, they scare the crap out of me.

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