Thought I had a whole story about online dating saved, but all I found upon logging in was the title. Not the first time technology and I have had a difference of opinion.

Today’s smartphones are still something of a mystery to me too. I’m sure I only use a fraction of what my phone is capable of doing. My kids laugh at me when I suggested that I should upgrade to something like a smartphone…hahaha. ‘Don’t call me, Mom!’ That saying what goes around, comes around? Yeah, well it applies here, as I still get phone calls for help on computer issues from my parents. Have to remember next time when I grumble, just what if feels like to feel helpless with new technology.

If the computer and I hit it off, I will attempt to re-type my planned Adventures in Online Dating blog tomorrow!!

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Vacation Observations – Day Two

Today was the last day of a weekend vacation.  On our return trip, I discovered –

1.  Fast food restaurants exist, but not north of Sturgeon Bay.

2.  We saw lots of once-active farms, acres of crops, a few horses, and strangely only a handful of cows.  Very different from the mega-farms in our area.

3.  Cherry salsa seems all the rage in Door County, but upon sampling?  Pass.  Maybe if it had been an all fruit salsa, but cherries and tomatoes just didn’t work for us.

4.  All vacations should be taken on a motorcycle.  Limited space = limited desire to shop.  My checkbook was appreciative. 

5.  I still don’t like bridges.  Riding over them on a motorcycle in the wind didn’t change that.

6.  Gas seemed to be the only thing not costing more in a tourist town.  $1.75 for a can of soda?  Making hay while the sun shines, I suppose.  Winter must be kind of bleak in Door County.

When you travel to another area, what are some things you notice, that are different from home?

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Vacation observations

1. Door County is a beautiful place
2. We get strange looks no matter where we go
3. People who live here year round must drive a ways to go grocery shopping. Been all over the peninsula and haven’t seen a grocery store.
4. Fast food doesn’t exist here. Neither does Walmart. Not on the main roads anyway.
5. If I had to pay $6 for a 12pk of Mt Dew all the time I’d have given it up some time ago.



Doggone allergies.  I never had to deal with them until I became a mother.  Aside from the normal changes in life that new mothers(parents) deal with, I suddenly had to deal with the sneezing, wheezing and nose blowing that I had watched my dad and sister deal with during my childhood. 

Being somewhat needle-phobic, I’ve never gone to find out exactly what I’m allergic too.  I always figured due to my penicillin allergy, that mold was a strong suspect.  When the talk on tv is about the high mold spore count, I’m usually congested and sneezing.  Good clue, huh?  However, in the last few years, there hasn’t been much rhyme or reason to when they strike.  Well, they’ve chosen to strike this week.  I’ve been consuming more than usual amounts of water trying to stay ahead of the chest congestion, and that has cause more than the usual trips to the bathroom today.  Lucky me.

If there’s an allergy-gremlin out there,  choosing when to inflict these on me, he sure is getting his jollies this week! 

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